November 12, 2022

Welcome everyone to Noxious-WoW!

In case you do not have an account, be sure to register. After you register, be sure you download our list of required patches from here.. In case you do not yet have the game (Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a), be sure to download our full client from here.

Noxious features an instant level 80 realm which gives you the ability to select your favorite spec.

Starting off
As you start with a new character, you will be spawned at our mall. You will need to gear up at the starter vendor.

There is another creature that will teach you all the spells you need to learn within a single click. Be sure to visit him as well!

Don't forget about glyphs and talents - they are essential for your survival!

As soon as you're done, you will need to head over to the teleporter and select "Gearing" - "Tier 1". Obviously, as you progress and will want a better gear, you will select the tier you prefer.

Tiers loot
Each tier has a different quantity of loot, contained from multiple requirements (materials). You will need to collet a certain amount (depends on the tier you're on) in order to progress.
Note: the materials are tradable.

Upgrading tiers is possible only once you have the item you wish to upgrade equipped! It will not be possible to upgrade an item you cannot equip!
You may upgrade through the Insanity Items Manager creature at the mall.
The upgrades are as follows:
Starter - Tier 1 - Tier 2 - Tier 3 - Tier 4 - Tier 5 - Tier 6

No voting
We don't want to force players to vote in order to get "free" items. Instead, we much rather promote rewarding based on gameplay. Which is why we have the following:

Playtime system & playtime shop
These 2 systems will automatically reward players for their activity. The playtime shop has the ability to contain exclusive items, such as materials boxes and VIP - for free. Be sure to check the shop!

No donor gear
Please note: our latest tier is tier 6, which is upgradable through gameplay and material collection. There are a few other side quests and world bosses loot, but bottom line is - you don't need to donate in order to get the latest gear.

Read all about VIPs here.

World bosses
We currently offer 10 world bosses. Each world boss mimics a certain class and has a chance to drop an exclusive legendary token, which is used to buy legendary gear. In addition, each boss has its own territory with its own tactics. Be sure you discover them all. And yes, you do need to team up to take a world boss on. Their respawn time is 1 hour.

Legendary gear is available at the mall through a dedicated NPC. The legendary gear is insanely powerful and requires A LOT of effort to accomplish. It is highly encouraged to be an active player to achieve it as soon as possible. By the way, nobody says the current legendary gear is our endgame. Be ready for more action very soon!

In case you find yourself in need of materials, you can always check the boxes thread here.