Welcome Guide

December 17, 2022

First off all we'd like to thank you for playing on our server.

As a new player, it can sometimes be hard to figure out how to obtain gear, what to do with materials obtained and so on.
In this guide, we will teach you everything you need to know to have a nice and pleasant experience on Noxious-WoW.

An introduction to tiers

Tiered dungeons is the primary way to obtain gear on Noxious-WoW. These instances can be accessed by talking to the "Teleporter" npc located right behind the server spawnpoint. If you've gotten lost, you can always return here by using the ".mall" command.

Before heading off to the first tier, make sure to pick up a free set of starter armor from the "Starter Vendor".

Dungeon Finder

The dungeon finder can be used to obtain gear past tier 6. 
It is possible to queue for instances within the dungeon finder with up to 5 players and as low as 1.
Heroic instances are currently inaccessible trough the dungeon finder but they may be introduced for another purpouse in the future.

Upgrading your items

Most, if not all, of our items are upgradeable using materials obtained in diffrenet locations. 
To upgrade your item(s), start by talking to the "Noxious Items Manager" located in the mall, here you will see a detailed description of the costs required to upgrade your item, as well as how much power your item will gain at it's new tier.

Miscellaneous items and mechanics

While progressing through our tier instances, you might notice the lack of bags. These drop off our custom world bosses ranging from tier 1 to 6 depending on how lucky you are. As these bosses are generally very hard to solo for players with lower tiered gear, we recommend taking them down in a group for the best chances of success. Players around tier 5 or 6 can in many cases take these bosses down alone, though this is not recommended as they have a very long respawn time of one hour.

Materials required to upgrade your gear can also be bought for gold from the auction house, these are offered completely randomly by an automated system. This does not mean that players cannot create auctions, we highly incentivize doing so to fuel the economy.

Many items, such a Gold Bars or Hearts of Darkness are considerably more rare than other more common materials, it is often possible to trade these items for a larger quantity of more common materials with other players, keep this in mind when deciding what path to pursue.

Items such as gems and buffs can be obtained by traveling to one of our many farming zones, accessible by communicating with the "Teleporter" npc. As with world bosses, this content is generally aimed at better geared players, so it would be wise to leave this towards later in your progression journey.

We hope that you have a wonderful experience on our server, do not hesitate to contact us if any additional questions arise.