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November 2, 2022, 06:37 pm

Hello, and welcome to Noxious-WoW!

We're proud to announce the ongoing development of a new, high quality Wrath of the Lich King expansion realm called Insanity.

About Insanity
Insanity features an extensive list of features you can find at our mall area - an isolated place where you can find all the important aspects to help you get started with your journy to our unique gameplay.

Insanity features an instant level 80 realm with the ability to (potentially) unlock all of your talents.

So, what makes Insanity special? Here's a short list:

  • We're proud to say - LFG system is working perfectly fine with our modifications.
  • We're representing NO donation gear and NO "endgame" content! With constant updates, there will always be something to do, and always content to explore! We're running on a new, modern, stable and efficient core (latest TrinityCore, late October 2022) with our own customs to everything!
  • Gold has meaning! You will need to be smart with how you use your gold.
  • The ability to either solo content or group up and face an upscaled content in advance, granting you a unique experience all around regardless of what you choose
  • The ability to enjoy a no-pay-to-win server, with the ability to achieve everything by simply playing
  • You will be rewarded per hour by playing, not voting!
  • Human developers and staff team. We're not here to make you go through a process, or use some high fancy words. We talk plain and simple. We're in-game experiencing the server like our community.
  • Assurance we will do our best to grow, and handomely reward those who help us grow alongside our own efforts.
  • Mutual benefically rewarding relations with keen individuals who are more than capable of helping in times of need, assuring our uptime is as high as it can be, while providing the most exclusive, stable, balanced and enjoyable experience we can grant. That goes without saying, legendary development team.
  • The most beast-like dedicated servers used in the industry to help us achieve diff time of 2 (while the average on other servers ranging from 45 to 160!), granting us extremely smooth experience all around

And so so so much more!

Expected release: 1st of November, 2022

We're proud you've chosen to visit our site, making an account and logging in-game, even for a test run. We're happy to see you here and promise we will keep you guys up to date with everything we do at all times!

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